Customer Case

How customisation optimises a public cloud solution for your business operations


Belgian manufacturer of sports and hunting weaponry

Our client, operating from factories across different continents, manufactures sports and hunting weaponry and ammunition, catering to both amateur shooting clubs and (Olympic) elite athletes. The company’s expertise centre, located in Belgium, decided to make the transition to the public cloud “by necessity”, and asked for our assistance.


Routing too complex for “standard” public cloud

For years, this customer had been using an on-premise Genesys Engage solution to their complete satisfaction. However, when this platform’s end-of-life was announced, it was decided to take the bull by the horns and transition to Genesys Cloud immediately. The idea was to take away the management of the customer contact platform from the small in-house IT team, so a public cloud platform was the obvious solution for this.

At first glance, it seemed like a straightforward migration, especially considering the limited size of the contact centre and the fact that it only involved voice interactions. But appearances can be deceiving, as our client's requirements for the routing – and therefore also for the reporting – turned out to be too complex for the out-of-the-box functionality of Genesys Cloud.

Here's why: the approximately sixty employees at the expertise centre provide logistics advice for the delivery and transportation of weaponry and ammunition between the factories and various retail outlets. And that is complex subject matter! The strict laws and regulations vary by country and by type of weapon, and are subject to frequent changes.

The expertise centre therefore needs to not only provide information to customers about the various lines of weaponry and ammunition, but also about the numerous rules applicable in different countries and regions. And all of this in twelve languages! This means that the contact centre team comprises a complex mix of skill sets. To ensure that each call reaches the right agent, intricate routing is required, which goes beyond the standard options offered by Genesys Cloud. This led to the question of what would be possible in terms of customisation.


Customisation and integration for routing, reporting and knowledge management

Fortunately, our experts have dealt with tougher challenges! Developing custom solutions is part of their daily routine, so they got to work for this client to ensure that routing and reporting would fully meet the requirements of the expertise centre.

An additional piece of customisation involved the integration with the client's in-house business application, as the contact centre team members use a knowledge base that provides them with easy access to up-to-date information on laws and regulations in different countries and regions, as well as various weapon and ammunition lines. Specific knowledge and expertise are required for such integrations to ensure a seamless connection between the customer contact platform and the client's backend systems.

Another aspect that is often overlooked or neglected during contact centre implementations and migrations is the configuration of Session Border Controllers (SBCs), that manage real-time interactions with external networks and monitor the security and quality of calls. If the alignment between SBCs isn’t configured properly, it can lead to significant issues in the contact centre, such as latency or dropped calls. In this project, the SBCs – supplied by our partner AudioCodes - were already under our management as part of the Genesys Engage platform, and could be seamlessly adjusted to the cloud platform.


The convenience of a tailored public cloud solution

The migration went smoothly: within just three months, the new platform, including customisations, was fully operational, partly due to the fact that it was a like-for-like migration from an on-premise platform that our team had built years ago.

Our client now benefits from the convenience of a public cloud solution that meets all the complexities of their business operations. The new platform, along with its custom solutions and integrations, is fully managed by our team, freeing up the client’s in-house IT team to focus on other projects. It truly is the best of both worlds!