AudioCodes is a leading provider of advanced communication software and products, and productivity solutions for the digital workplace, both in the cloud and on-premise. These are used worldwide by large multinationals and leading operators.


AudioCodes enables organisations to build and manage their entire voice network, and take full advantage of Unified Communications (UC) systems such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, through a wide range of innovative products, solutions and services. By deploying easy-to-use communication and collaboration technologies, employees everywhere can work productively and stay connected, without putting an extra burden on the IT department.


Actionable insights for better CX

Verbal communication remains the most effective method for complex and critical business transactions and conversations. Unfortunately, in many cases, verbal communication is not captured or converted into actionable insights that can help increase business productivity and improve the customer experience.


Discover the power of VoiceAI

AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect is a flexible solution that allows contact centres to deploy voice bots to answer customer questions even faster, and to easily store call data. Automating voice interactions contributes to a better customer experience and is the best way to reduce wait times, relieve contact center pressure, and lower the cost of live agents.


AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect brochure

By adding voice and telephony to an existing (text-based) chatbot, a new world of possibilities is created, with benefits for customers, employees as well as business operations. Download our partner AudioCodes' brochure, and discover the power of VoiceAI Connect.

AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect brochure

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