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A great customer experience is not created in the contact centre alone. It takes an entire organisation to make that happen. Purchasing a standalone contact centre platform – no matter how smart – is therefore not a turnkey solution for improving the customer experience or the business results.

After all, what good is a smart system if it does not provide access to customer data that is located in countless other systems within the organisation? Or if it doesn’t match the complexity of the organisation off the shelf? In that case, some customisation will be needed to ensure that the chosen contact centre solution exactly matches the wishes, needs and business processes of the customer.


One of the most important prerequisites for the success of any contact centre solution is that it connects seamlessly with the organisation’s backend systems. That employees have access to a 360-degree customer view, so they can serve the customer 100% efficiently. This not only has a huge impact on the customer and employee experience, but also results in significant time and cost savings.


Data security

Legislation and regulations in the area of data security, as well as the increasing media attention for data breaches, mean that companies and organisations also impose additional requirements on their chosen contact centre solution. This usually means that some adjustments are needed in the architecture, or that an additional piece of data encryption needs to be built in. This kind of customisation ensures the additional security of customer and company data, and that international data security standards are met.


Independent advice

DDM Consulting is known for the tailor-made solutions we have delivered for years, often for corporate clients with complex structures. Both in the field of integrations with backend systems, and where (additional) data security is required. 

But also: building hyper-intelligent routing strategies that can be easily managed by and in the contact centre, creating interaction analyses and reports that exactly match the customer’s needs, and of course the complex project management involved in executing global implementations. Sometimes we even build a completely new product! 

Our customer cases will tell you more about this.