Workforce Engagement Management (WEM)


The level of engagement among contact centre employees often leaves a lot to be desired. The turnover is high, resulting in considerable costs.

What can you do to increase employee engagement? It certainly isn’t (only) a question of more salary. What is much more important, among other things, is that you make work more appealing for your employees.

A Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solution provides you with the tools to turn your contact centre into a place where employees enjoy their work.

The employee takes central stage

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) is a relatively new concept. While Workforce Optimisation (WFO) mainly focuses on making business operations as efficient as possible, over time the realisation has arisen that the customer experience is greatly influenced by the well-being of the employee.

Therefore, Workforce Engagement Management focuses on customer contact employees and aims to maximise their level of commitment regarding the work, the customer, the team and the organisation.


Pieces of the puzzle

To achieve this, it focuses on different pieces of the puzzle that each affects employee well-being, including:

  • Onboarding and training
  • Evaluation and coaching
  • Workforce Management (forecasting, scheduling and intra-day management)
  • Employee support tools
  • Recognition
  • Employee feedback

Independent advice

DDM Consulting offers contact centre platforms with a ‘built-in’ WEM elements as well as well as standalone tools that can be used with existing platforms. Our partners all provide the technology that contributes to the wellbeing of contact centre employees, and as a result positively impacts the customer experience. We work with you to find the solution that best suits the wishes and ambitions within your contact centre, without a preference for a particular platform or product.



The following partners offer smart Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solutions and tools: