WFM Buddy


WFM Buddy is a solution developed by Prime Contact, technology and sourcing partner for Genesys. The WFM Buddy smartphone app simplifies the agents’ use of WFM features, encouraging a do-it-yourself mentality towards schedule updates. We offer this solution as part of our Workforce Management portfolio.

WFM Buddy

WFM Buddy is the most intuitive smartphone app for Genesys Workforce Management. It allows employees to view and change their schedules on their phone, also outside working hours. Trade a shift via a simple swipe? Request days off? Report sick or better? All this is possible via smartphone too! This is how WFM Buddy keeps employees engaged, even when working remotely. Video


WFM Buddy Cockpit

WFM Buddy Cockpit significantly reduces the manual effort for WFM Planners to handle staffing changes. It allows your planning team to act faster, providing better insight in schedule adherence, change approvals and intra-day schedule updates.



WFM Buddy and Buddy Cockpit can be fully adapted to the specific needs and requirements of any organisation:

  • Available in any language
  • Allows for corporate branding
  • Super-easy to switch features on or off

Data security

WFM Buddy is available for Android and iOS, fully scalable, and 100% secure. User and application management is done through Genesys, and features can be easily assigned or disabled based on user roles. This way, data security is always in line with your organisational standards! 


WFM Buddy Cockpit brochure

Download the WFM Buddy Cockpit brochure and discover how your Planners and Supervisors can start saving time!

WFM Buddy Cockpit brochure

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