Customer Case

How a bot reduces pressure in the contact centre by providing 24/7 digital customer engagement



German charity

A German charity engaged us to build and implement a chatbot as an extension to the digital omnichannel customer contact platform.


Stress in the contact centre

The core of this organisation is a game formula – comparable to a lottery –, the proceeds of which are spent on projects that revolve around equal opportunities for children, young people and adults with and without disabilities.

Digitisation is an important goal of this charity, also when it comes to customer contact. That's why during an earlier phase, we migrated the contact centre to a DDM hosted and managed omnichannel cloud solution, and implemented a wide range of digital channels to give the organisation maximum flexibility in contacting its customers.

As a result, many customer interactions now take place via self-service, email, live chat and WhatsApp. In addition, the organization and its customers benefit from an app, an online shop and social media.

But as the number of customer interactions increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressure in the contact centre grew, and with it the stress level of its employees. Clearly, a solution had to be found.


AI-assisted chatbot

Our experts quickly came to the conclusion that a bot might be the best solution for this organisation. Because in order to provide efficient customer service, also outside the contact centre’s opening hours, the use of a smart chatbot has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Thanks to advanced technology such as conversational AI and machine learning, bots are increasingly able to interact with customers in an intuitive way, whilst providing them with real-time information. Especially when it comes to handling straightforward and repetitive customer questions, a bot is the ideal solution!

In close cooperation with the organisation, we made a project plan that clearly described which tasks and processes the bot should and shouldn’t take over. Once the plan was finalised and a roadmap put in place, our experts were able to start building the chatbot. They seamlessly integrated it with our partner Polly's knowledge management solution, which we had previously implemented. This ensured that the bot had access to the same source of information as the customer contact team and the organisation's self-service channels.


Maximum flexibility for the customer, more revenue for charities, and less pressure in the contact centre

Chatbot Lotte now takes over a significant part of customer interactions. She is available anytime, day and night, weekdays and weekends. She is never ill, always in a good mood, doesn't ask for time off, and happily works during the festive season!

Thanks to the integration with the knowledge management platform, customers always receive an unambiguous answer, regardless which channel they choose to contact the organisation. Chatbot Lotte is the ultimate addition to the customer contact team and the digital contact channels that are part of the omnichannel customer interaction platform.

The result is that customers can easily acquire services, 24/7 and from any device. This not only ensures much better customer service and an optimal customer experience, but also increased lottery revenues that can be used for charity projects.

In addition, the pressure in the contact centre has decreased, making a huge difference for the customer contact team, especially during stressful moments. As common customer questions are now handled by chatbot Lotte, the team can focus on the more challenging customer questions. This is not only a lot more efficient, but also ensures greater employee satisfaction.