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Logo-Polly-help has developed a knowledge management platform for a consistent omnichannel customer experience.'s solution fits seamlessly into our knowledge management portfolio.


Polly is an omnichannel knowledge management solution that makes it easy for organisations to gather, manage and share knowledge. The result? One source of information, across all channels and in any desired language. This results in a much better customer experience (CX) and greater efficiency. Not just in the contact centre, but throughout the entire organisation.  Video


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Customers expect adequate and consistent service through every communication channel, regardless of whether the contact is via a service representative, bot or self-service portal. Many organisations find it difficult to comply with this, so unfortunately the reality tends to be quite different: information is often inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent. This leads to customer and employee frustration.

Polly's knowledge base ensures that all communication channels and business systems of the organisation have a single source of consistent and correct information, in any language. In other words, information silos cease to exist, and all knowledge, know-how and best practices are now available to everyone via a single interface.


Easy to use

Polly's cloud-based knowledge base is quick to deploy and easy to manage through a simple user interface. Thanks to an extensive set of APIs, this solution is also easy to integrate into business processes and systems, and fully adaptable to the wishes and needs of any organisation.

The built-in feedback loops and workflows ensure a continuous cycle of data collection, sharing, analysis and optimisation. This means that the content of the knowledge base is always current, accurate and relevant.



Polly's knowledge management solution has already proven* in practice that it contributes to, among other things, a better customer and employee experience, a workload reduction in the contact centre, greater efficiency throughout the organisation, and therefore lower operational costs. This makes this knowledge base a win-win for customers, employees as well as business results.

  • -30% employee training time
  • +40% efficiency
  • -25% operational and support costs
  • -50% contact centre escalations
  • +20% CX score

* Source:


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Download the Polly brochure below, and discover the enormous impact knowledge management can have on the customer experience of your organisation!

Polly brochure

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