Customer Case

The benefits of a fully managed service

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German charity

For a German charitable organisation we were appointed to develop and implement a new customer contact solution and to host and manage the new platform.


Lack of omnichannel customer contact and efficient work processes

The core of this organisation is a game formula – comparable to a lotto – from which almost all proceeds go to people-oriented charities that are not financially supported by other funds. 

Since the entire business of this client revolves around fundraising and campaigns, an optimally functioning customer contact platform and an efficient way of working are crucial. And those were precisely the bottlenecks. It was therefore time to take a closer look at the existing platform and to find a new solution that would facilitate significant improvements in customer contact and optimisation of work processes.

Another challenge was the lack of capacity and knowledge within this customer's IT team to efficiently manage and support a new contact centre platform. A solution had to be found for this as well.


Fully managed omnichannel cloud solution and smart knowledge management platform

Our experts soon concluded that a cloud solution was the best choice for this customer. It offered the opportunity to move quickly and thus initiate the step to an omnichannel platform, enabling customer contact via telephone, e-mail, and chat.

Given the limited capacity of their IT team, the customer was immediately interested in letting us host and manage the new platform. The entire infrastructure was therefore placed in the DDM data centre, a 100% safe environment.

Our experts ensured seamless integration of the new platform with the customer's backend systems and implemented a smart knowledge management platform using advanced AI technology.


Optimal customer contact, greatly improved efficiency

The choice for a cloud solution meant a super-fast rollout, so the customer could use all the functionalities of their new omnichannel platform in no time. This resulted in enormous improvements in customer contact, uniform service provision, and a much more efficient way of working.

Moreover, the customer now has total peace of mind thanks to the fact that the complete management of the new platform – including all upgrades and first-line support – is now done by our team. The convenience of a fully managed service!

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