A contact centre during Covid - this is how it's done.

A contact centre during Covid - this is how it's done.

2020 turned into the year of COVID, also in the customer contact centre. Working from home became the norm, but to what extent was or is that possible in your organisation? Do contact centre employees even have a place at home where they can do their job? Perhaps with a partner working at home and/or children that are being home-schooled?

The fact is that with the arrival of the coronavirus, a period of change, unrest and insecurity has begun for many employees. In many cases, the positive employee experience has been disrupted, partly because teams no longer physically sit together. And this has a direct impact on the customer journey and experience. But how do you, as a contact centre manager, ensure commitment among your employees in times of increased pressure and unrest?

Of course, it’s important to create the most efficient working environment possible, so the employee has everything he needs to provide the customer with the best possible service. Whether it concerns omnichannel customer contact, a well-functioning knowledge management system, or the optimal design of the workspace, both in the contact centre and at home.

But do make sure that you also support your employees through people management and training. Offer them a listening ear. Treat them with understanding and empathy. That is what ultimately creates a sense of commitment within the team and allows everyone to become the best version of themselves. After all, they are more than just members of the customer contact team. They are people.

  • Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 75% of workers say they feel more socially isolated and 53% say they feel more emotionally drained.
  • 87% of employees expect their employer to support them in reconciling work and private life.
  • Taking care of your customers - especially in times of crisis - starts with thinking about your employees.