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Content Guru offers cloud-based omnichannel contact centre solutions and custom integration systems. Content Guru's solutions fit within our portfolios in the field of omnichannel customer contact, knowledge management, cloud solutions and AI applications.

Content Guru

Content Guru is the supplier of the storm® cloud contact center platform, a cloud solution for customer contact. With the storm® platform, customer communication across all channels - telephone, SMS, chat, social, media, etc. - can be integrated with existing applications used in organisations, such as workforce management, CRM, and financial applications. The storm® platform also works great with existing telephony environments.

storm® is delivered from the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and device.


More about Content Guru storm®

storm® is a cloud-based customer engagement and customer experience solution that serves hundreds of organisations worldwide, and streamlines customer communications for employees and customers alike. This service can be adapted to the specific requirements of any organisation or sector. From intelligent automation for routing patient phone calls in a hospital, to secure payment systems for an online retailer: security and customer convenience are central to all decisions and actions.


Artificial Intelligence

brain  is Content Guru's artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit. It can be used alongside the storm® services to improve the customer contact environment by implementing advanced, AI-driven applications. brain  is based on the latest AI technology to provide customers around the world with a highly intelligent AI solution, tailored to meet their individual requirements and objectives.


Customer Knowledge System (CKS)

storm® Customer Knowledge System (CKS) is Content Guru's CRM application that provides organisations with a streamlined, easy-to-use knowledge management, case management and ticketing solution. CKS combines the most useful core functions of CRM tooling, and integrates them seamlessly into the organisation's entire customer contact environment to deliver a better customer experience and customer engagement.


Four Steps to Future-Proof Your Contact Centre

Which steps has your organisation already taken when it comes to digitising customer contact and automating contact centre processes? This whitepaper provides a step-by-step guide and practical examples to help you on your way to a future-proof contact centre.

Whitepaper: 4 Pillars of Evergreen CX

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