Employee satisfaction


Employee well-being has a huge impact on the customer experience. How does your contact centre become an attractive place to work? 

Employee satisfaction

The well-being of a contact centre employee largely determines his attitude towards the customer. Does he enjoy his work and does the technology offer what he needs to serve the customer efficiently? Does he feel involved with the company and the team that he is part of, even now that working from home is often the norm? Can his work be combined with his private life?

All of these aspects, and many more, have a direct impact on employee satisfaction, and therefore also on the customer experience. It’s called 'Emotional Contagion'.

Companies have all kinds of options to positively influence the employee experience and, as an additional benefit, to drastically reduce staff turnover. The implementation of smart contact centre solutions that facilitate customer contact for example. But there are also plenty of things you can do at the team level to contribute to employee satisfaction, for example in the field of training and by introducing game elements in the workplace.

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