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A 100% secure cloud transition without disruption – this is how it’s done

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German banking and insurance group

A large German banking and insurance group, for whom we have acted as a trusted advisor for more than 11 years.


Cloud transition with maximum data security, but without disruption

This customer has worked with us for years to continuously improve and streamline the customer contact processes because the customer experience is where you can – and must – make a difference when you are active in a market in which the products are all similar.

For example, at an earlier stage, our experts successfully contributed to the merger between four insurance groups, all of which used a different CRM package, and each operated a completely separate infrastructure. The various infrastructures were merged into one uniform system, all telephony was placed on one common platform, and one (Genesys Engage) contact centre with 6000 workstations was set up. A clever piece of custom work, fully taking into account the different movements within the new group and the many requirements from the Works Council.

Now it was time to make the transition from the Genesys on-premise solution to the cloud. For an insurance group like this, data security naturally has the highest priority, especially in view of the extremely strict regulations that the German ‘banking watchdog’ prescribes. In essence, it is not permitted for personal data to be stored or processed outside of Germany, which makes a switch to a fully public cloud solution virtually impossible.

So we had to look for a different solution. One that would guarantee complete data security, without disruption to customers and employees.


Phased cloud migration via DDM's private cloud platform

We recommended a phased approach. The first step in this customer's cloud transition was to transfer the on-premise solution to our own Genesys Engage Private Cloud platform, with its own data centre in Leverkusen. In recent years, we developed this platform, invested in the necessary infrastructure, and set up the Genesys environment.

A 100% reliable platform, which was awarded an ISO 27001 certification. This standard is about process-based safeguarding of information, in order to ensure the security, availability, integrity, and privacy of the data. Topics that are discussed here are, for example, the protection of personal and company data, and protection against hackers and burglary.

In the next phase of the migration process, the transition is being made to a hybrid cloud application, in which certain parts of the Genesys Cloud are integrated with the private cloud. 


Resilience, scalability and reliability

Another beautiful piece of custom work, designed and executed by our experts. This solution allows the customer to leverage cloud-delivered innovations while preserving previous technology investments and while still meeting stringent data and security requirements. In doing so, it provides the resiliency, scalability, and reliability needed for a future-proof contact centre.

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