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The road(map) to success

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Global homeware manufacturer

We are carrying out a huge – multi-year – project for a global producer of high-quality household items with 40 locations around the world.  


Need for global service standardisation and integration with backend systems

Even when you are known for your high-quality products, you should not forget the service aspect. Our customer – a major global player, but still a family business at heart – realised this all too well. After all, the customer experience was becoming increasingly important.

But with about 40 branches worldwide, each with its own telephone exchange and its own service levels, the head office had lost the overview. There was no insight into what other countries were doing, it was difficult to share knowledge and expertise, and there was no objective reporting on KPIs or on the customer experience. The way of working simply had to be standardised in order to maintain and further expand the competitive advantage.

There was a need for one central platform for all service employees around the world, without increasing costs. But also for a standardised and more efficient way of working in all contact centres through seamless integration with all backend systems. Only then could the service provision be optimised worldwide to guarantee quality. This pursuit of the highest possible quality had been woven into the entire company culture for many years. It was time for action.


Phased geographic deployment, local hubs, omnichannel, WFM

Together with the client, we put together a dynamic roadmap for a period of five years, which was increasingly refined and detailed. Indispensable for a project of this size and complexity. It proved to be a nice challenge, also due to the diverse geographical locations, language differences, and all kinds of cultural and political aspects that played a part in this project.

Step 1 was the systematic transfer of all the different countries to one central platform, region by region. We built a hub for each continent, so that the distance to be bridged from each location would not cause delays in the systems.

Step 2 consisted of linking the central platform with SAP and the customer's many backend systems. As a result, all information is now centrally available, and work can be done much more efficiently. The platform's user interface is available in 26 languages, as are the reports.

Step 3 includes expanding the omnichannel solution with email, chat, social media, WhatsApp, and WeChat, as well as implementing a workforce management solution. Indispensable in the current era of customer contact.


Efficiency, 24/7 customer contact in all regions and time zones, optimal CX and EX

Because the way of working is now standardised worldwide and all information is centrally available thanks to the integration with all backend systems, the efficiency of the customer contact teams has improved enormously.

Moreover, the introduction of a central platform and the implementation of the workforce management module has ensured that the skills of all employees can be used worldwide. The ‘follow the sun’ service model enables customer needs to be met 24/7 regardless of geographic region or time zone, without putting an extra burden on one location or forcing employees to work late shifts or overtime.

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