Cloud transition


More and more contact centres are making the transition to the cloud. How do you turn such a project into a resounding success?

Cloud transition

The trend that started a few years ago is undeniably the transition from on-premise contact centre platforms to the cloud. Even organisations that until recently raised concerns about data security or potential limitations on customisation have since been convinced.

After all, the cloud brings capabilities that go far beyond cost savings, scalability, and the ability to work from home on a large scale alone. For example, a cloud solution is easier to update, and adding new features (such as AI applications) is straightforward. In addition, it offers better integration options and higher service reliability (i.e. less downtime).

But how do you turn such a project into a success? Which cloud option is most suitable? How do you ensure a watertight network and optimal integration with backend systems? And: do you already have the necessary knowledge in-house or will you need to involve a third party? Who will take the lead in the project and who else will need to be involved?

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