The contact centre at home, last year's biggest trend

The contact centre at home, last year's biggest trend

The corona pandemic has made working from home the norm. For many companies, this has meant a huge change, especially within the customer contact centre. Because how do you run your team as a contact centre manager when your employees are no longer in the same space? How does this affect productivity and the sense of engagement

On-premise vs cloud

But also: how secure is working from home, especially when you are dealing with sensitive customer information? Which hardware do your employees use at home? How do they connect remotely to the contact centre? What do you do when technical issues arise? How great – and desirable – is the dependence on the IT department

Until recently, certainly at many government agencies and companies in the financial sector, there was often a preference for on-premise solutions, so that the platform could be managed in-house, and all customer data was stored on their own servers

But necessity knows no law. When the pandemic made it impossible or undesirable for contact centre teams to work on-site, it became necessary to broaden the scope.

Safe and flexible

One of the solutions that more and more companies have been open to since then is the introduction of cloud technology in the contact centre. By means of this technology, an ‘any place, anytime, anywhere’ culture suddenly becomes possible

The great advantage of this is that the responsibility for the platform now largely rests with the supplier instead of the in-house IT organisation, which guarantees data protection thanks to all kinds of certifications in the field of security. Even if employees work from home

Flexibility while maintaining security, that’s what matters.