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A quick and easy solution for more flexibility and continuity, and less dependence on IT? You’ll find it in the cloud!

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Belgian bank

A large Belgian bank engaged us to implement an omnichannel cloud platform for all customer contact.


Unwieldy customer contact system and too much dependence on IT

The bank previously used an on-premise contact centre platform from our partner Genesys: Genesys Engage. Although it had done its job more than satisfactorily for years, the conclusion had to be drawn that it was too IT-heavy and therefore hampered further developments. There was simply a need for more flexibility. Flexibility to be able to scale up and down easily, but also to reduce the dependence on the IT team.

In addition, of course, the customer's call for more contact channels had to be met. While telephony and e-mail were the only options not so long ago, the bank was now ready for the use of digital channels, including chat and social media. One condition, understandably, was that all channels had to be integrated into one platform, so customer contact employees would have access to a 360-degree customer view.


Custom omnichannel cloud platform

A move to Genesys' omnichannel cloud solution – Genesys Cloud – turned out to be the best match in this case. Its functionalities more than met the wishes of the contact centre, and it was expected that the switch from the old to the new platform would result in minimal stumbling blocks.

Together with the bank's project team, our engineers examined which elements of the old platform functioned well, so they could simply be transferred. This was the case, for example, for a number of existing integrations. In addition, a list was drawn up of points for improvement that would make the customer contact centre even more efficient.

Once this was done, the engineers got to work. They integrated the new cloud platform with all existing back-end systems, and provided a bit of customisation to ensure that the platform would fully meet the bank’s needs.

The switch from the old to the new platform took place within 24 hours, without the bank's customers even noticing.


Business-driven efficiency, scalability and continuity

The bank now works with a modern, future-proof customer contact platform that can largely be managed by the business itself. This has significantly increased their agility, which is of course a lot more efficient!

A major benefit is that the number of contact phone numbers has been reduced from fifty-six to three, which has a huge impact on customer convenience.

The platform is fully scalable, offering the flexibility the bank was looking for. In addition, continuity has been significantly improved, and new updates and functionalities are immediately available.

Finally, the contact centre employees are also very happy with the new platform. It's easy to use and a lot more streamlined than the old platform, which makes it incredibly user-friendly!