Customer Case

Efficiency, flexibility, cost and time savings – all thanks to RPA

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Service provider in Germany

A German service provider that provides omnichannel contact centre services to third parties – e.g. for customer retention and win-back – engaged us to streamline their contact centre operations.


Inefficiency due to divide between front-end tool and contact centre platform

The ‘raison d'être’ of a supplier of contact centre and secretarial services naturally stands or falls with operational effectiveness. The more efficient the team works, the greater the benefit for the customer. This service provider was already well on its way. For example, their customers’ work processes were already fully implemented and mapped in Salesforce and the backend tools.

However, there was still a lot of repetitive work, since there was no link between the contact centre platform – in this case Genesys Engage – and Salesforce. Employees, therefore, had to enter data into multiple systems. Not only counterproductive but also prone to error. And what about the contact centre team’s job satisfaction? How rewarding is it to – in essence – do the work of a robot?

So even though the work processes had already been automated to a certain extent by using Salesforce as a front-end tool, there was still plenty of room for improvement. To this end, we were brought on board as specialists in customisations and integrations. The aim was to further streamline the work processes and reduce the amount of repetitive, manual work.


Integration of Genesys Engage with Salesforce and backend systems

Our engineers delivered a seamless integration between Genesys and Salesforce, so the full configuration and routing can now be done through Salesforce. In other words, when objects are created or modified in Salesforce, the routing and objects in Genesys automatically follow along. Salesforce has become the configuration tool for Genesys. Omnichannel that is, for voice, chat, and email.

So employees now work exclusively with this front-end tool and no longer need to adjust anything in Genesys. The entire management of Genesys – such as creating a new customer profile or setting up a new work process – is now done via Salesforce. Any changes made to it are automatically updated in Genesys and the customer's backend systems.

A great example of the use of RPA (robotic process automation). Intelligent automation, with the aim of optimising business processes and increasing efficiency.


Huge increase in efficiency and flexibility, cost and time savings

The results of this project were astonishing. First, the average handling time has improved enormously because employees no longer need to enter or change customer information in different systems. Much less repetitive work, resulting in much greater accuracy due to a simplification of the user interface. In addition, the IT team is no longer burdened with these aspects of managing the Genesys platform.

Not only does this mean that the business now runs much more efficiently, but because employees can now work on several customers at the same time, planning has also become a lot easier. This increased effectiveness and flexibility have resulted in huge cost savings.

All these factors contribute to the success of this service provider. After all, their services are fully focused on streamlining their customers’ work processes and making the business case for outsourcing contact center and secretarial services as positive as possible.

But let's not forget the impact on the employees. They can now focus on actual customer contact and other rewarding tasks, which makes their work a lot more attractive!

Case in a nutshell