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The invisible heroes of the CCC

The past year has been one of many changes. Uncertainty too. Stress. We have all had to adjust to “the new normal”. We realise that things that we used to take for granted are actually quite special. Having a cup of coffee somewhere, visiting a museum, going shopping on your day off, or discussing the weekend with your colleagues on a Monday morning. At the office of course.

We now mainly live at a distance from one another. We speak and see each other via Zoom or Teams, we shop online, and a pleasant evening at a restaurant with friends or family has been replaced by a home-delivered meal.

We are also seeing changes in the world of customer service. The pressure in contact centres has increased, not least because in many cases is not possible to have “physical” contact with a company. It is the – often “invisible” – contact centre agents who are the first to interact with your customers, via whichever channel.

In short, the customer contact centre (CCC) has more than ever before become the company’s business card. Whether it concerns a bank, a healthcare institution, web shop or travel organisation. Telephone provider, meal delivery service, breakdown assistance or electricity company. It does not matter.

All the more important to take a close look at what you could do as a company to make the lives of your contact centre employees that little bit more pleasant. Which tools make their work more enjoyable and enable them to serve the customer as well as possible? After all, they are the ones who can ensure that your company can distinguish itself from its competitors. That your customer not only feels assisted but also heard. Especially now.

So isn’t it also important to look beyond the tools and technology? Beyond knowledge management, omnichannel and AI? Take a look at the people behind the employees. Who are they? What motivates them? How are things at home? Think about adjustments at work – however small – that could contribute to a better work-life balance. Provide the right training and coaching.

Or simpler yet: express your appreciation that little bit more often to your staff and co-workers. Ask them to share positive experiences with the team. Feedback from a happy customer, a remarkable conversation, or a funny anecdote.

The goal is to find the right balance between technology and empathy. Because in the end it all comes down to this: that your customer service employees can emerge as customer service heroes. Heroes who are there for your customers. Day in, day out.

Are you wondering what you could do in your organisation to make a difference? We are happy to help!

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