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Knowledge management, the heart of customer contact!

Having structured knowledge at your fingertips is a must during customer contact. Having a smart knowledge management system also enables visitors to your website to find information and to be self-sufficient through innovative knowledge portals.

Using a knowledge base increases quality due to uniformity of the available knowledge, questions will be answered correctly on first contact (“first time right”), and waiting times will be drastically reduced.

It is not only the customer perception that counts (customer experience), but also the perception of your employee (employee experience). After all, enabling your employees to quickly find the correct knowledge makes the job more enjoyable for them, especially when they notice that the customer is pleasantly surprised by the fast service. Customer experience and employee experience go hand in hand.

Given the pressure on the contact centre, especially in these COVID times, it helps when simple questions and processes can be handled automatically through a combination of bot technology and knowledge management, leaving the more intelligent cases to be dealt with by the agent. This gives the agent some relief, allowing them to put more energy in other cases if needed.

This way, you enable the agent to put more added value into their job, increasing the appreciation for the agent as well as the attractiveness of the job. Having the right knowledge available plays an important role, as the information is not only available for the website and automatic tools (bots), but also for the agent.

Multilingual platform

Our platform is multilingual and structured, making all knowledge available in a clear and uniform manner. You could say that it is the source of truth. Once it runs well and you manage it correctly, you will become a knowledge organisation. And that is quite different from searching for information in different files that are stored here and there.

The heart of customer contact

During customer contact, our cloud-based knowledge management platform is used by the agent, for your website (FAQs), as well as for bots / AI technology. It will certainly ease the pressure within the customer contact department.

We can therefore state that knowledge management is the heart of customer contact.

Contact us

We would love to further discuss the advantages of knowledge management with you, such as increasing the quality of your service, as well as the time saving that will be the result of having structured knowledge.

Please feel free to contact us.

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