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Do you know what “customer experience” really means?

Customer experience: it seems to have become quite the buzz word, whether appropriate or not. But what does it really mean? One thing that is certain, is that customer experience has a very personal aspect. Some customers or prospects like having a dialogue with another person, where others prefer to quickly enter a few questions online to get to the right solution or the best answer.

To us, customer experience is the total of all experiences that a customer has during all touchpoints and all interactions during the entire process. This ranges from the very first contact via the website, a manned reception desk, and filling in an application form, to the phone call to the customer contact centre and the after sales conversation that completes the process. Nowadays, we also call this the customer journey. In short, a broad concept. For if a customer is addressed by a grumpy receptionist, the advisor who enters the picture afterwards immediately has a 1-0 deficit.

The same applies to the way your website works. When a customer or prospect needs to search for information, has trouble logging in, or has a hard time finding your contact details, this will result in some irritation before they have even spoken with an agent. And all of this is part of the customer journey that affects how the customer values the service.

The chatbot as a fully-fledged colleague

What applies to humans at the customer contact centre also applies to the chatbot. The tone of this digital employee also determines a large part of the customer experience. In customer contact centres that take this very seriously you will even find employees who are only concerned with delivering good experiences to their customers.

Nowadays, customer experience seems to be the magic word. Just like putting the customer first. This of course makes sense, because loyal customers spend more, are more loyal and stay with you longer. Besides, it results in happier employees because they are in contact with more satisfied customers.

Addressing issues

What we do is to raise issues and challenges at contact centres, with the aim of lowering costs whilst keeping their customers optimally satisfied by delivering the perfect customer experience. We help them to work together more efficiently and effectively, both internally and with their customers. It is all about having the right person in the right place. Digital or not, that is irrelevant, as long as the customer experience is fed in a positive way. When you approach it smartly, you’ll combine the best of both worlds and your customers will be very satisfied. Learn more? Contact us.

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